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General tasks to be performed on a regular basis

Key tasks Monitor school improvement plan
Organise support and training for governors
Arrange governorsí visits to the school
Curriculum area reports
Committee meeting
Statutory tasks Governing body meeting

General tasks to be performed any time throughout the year

Key tasks Complete asset management plan
Induction of new governors
Preparation for Ofsted inspection
Receive friends/parents association report
Review child protection policy
Complete self-evaluation form
Statutory tasks Appoint clerk
Review delegation of functions and committee structures
Review terms of reference of committees
Complete special educational needs report
Complete school profile

Autumn term

Key tasks Set dates of meetings for the year
Set objectives for the governing body for the year
Review public examination results/national tests
Approve school improvement plan
Receive head teacherís report
Review performance management policy
Statutory tasks Elect chair and vice-chair (and schedule next election)
Decide committee structure, membership and terms of reference
Review head teacher performance
Review school charging policy, e.g. school trips
Draw up freedom of information publication scheme

Spring term

Key tasks Agree curriculum plans for 2009/10
Review school improvement plan progress
Review equal opportunities policy
Statutory tasks Review pay policy
Agree budget and staffing structure
Agree school prospectus
Publish proposals and admission arrangements for the following autumn
Review special educational needs policy

Summer term

Key tasks Review of governing bodyís performance/procedures
Review attendance of pupils / staff / governors
Review pupil exclusions for the year
Review school improvement plan progress
Review governorsí visits
Review careers advice
Statutory tasks Review the pay of teachers and staff

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